Fátima Bernardo, docente do departamento de psicologia, publica na revista “Planning, Practice and Research”

 Silva, J.B.; Saraiva, M.G.; Ramos, I.L.; Bernardo, F. (2013) Improving visual attractiveness to enhance city-river integration - a methodological approach for ongoing evaluation. Planning Practice and Research, 28, 2, 163-185.  DOI:10.1080/02697459.2012.704734.




The relationship between rivers and cities has evolved from a natural coexistence and interdependence to a progressive relationship of segregation and disintegration. This article uses a planning experiment to explore and discuss some concerns about visual attractiveness of city–river landscapes in promoting spatial integration of cities and rivers. It presents a methodological approach integrating expert opinions and public perception questionnaires. This is a contribution to making operational an ongoing aesthetic assessment of different dimensions and viewpoints at the city scale. This approach is illustrated with a case-study in the Lisbon metropolitan area and its main assessment results are integrated in a city–river profile that can be useful in ongoing evaluation processes of river landscapes and urban planning practice.

Publicado em 27.04.2013