Integrating Life-Design Counseling and Psychotherapy: Possibilities and Practices

Paulo Cardoso, docente do Departamento de Psicologia da Universidade de Évora, publica o artigo "Integrating Life-Design Counseling and Psychotherapy: Possibilities and Practices" na revista The Career Development Quarterly.

The debate on the relationship between career counseling and psychotherapy revealed the close relationship between psychosocial and career issues. The connection between these 2 approaches paves the way for the integration of career counseling into psychotherapy. In this article, the Systematic Treatment Selection (Beutler & Clarkin, 1990) perspective in psychotherapy is presented as a framework for guiding career counseling integration into psychotherapy. Then, the author describes life-design counseling, underlining its possibilities for integration with psychotherapeutic practices. Finally, the author presents and discusses a case study to illustrate the complexity of this integrative process.

Publicado em 07.03.2016