Rui Campos e Sofia Tavares, docentes do Departamento de Psicologia, publicaram artigo na revista Death Studies.

 Santos, S.; Campos, R.C.; Tavares, S. (2015) Suicidal Ideation and Distress in Family Members Bereaved by Suicide in Portugal. Death Studies, 39,6, 332-341.


The present study assessed the impact of suicide and distress on suicidal ideation in a sample of 93 Portuguese family members bereaved by suicide. A control community sample of 102 adults also participated. After controlling for educational level, those bereaved by the suicide of a family member were found to have higher levels of suicidal ideation. Forty-two percent of family members had Suicide Ideation Questionnaire scores at or above the cutoff point. General distress, depression, anxiety, and hostility related to suicidal ideation, whereas time since suicide also interacted with general distress and depression in predicting suicidal ideation.

Publicado em 03.07.2015