Paulo Cardoso, docente do Departamento de Psicologia, foi convidado para proferir uma conferência na 9th International Conference of the European Research Network about Parents in Education

O evento terá lugar no Instituo de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa, entre 4 e 6 de Setembro de 2013.

O título da sua conferência será: Career guidance and counseling for educational inclusion, equity and social justice.

Abstract: This conference addresses the contribution of guidance and career counseling for equity and social justice. The approach is justified by the current context of a globalized economy where, rapid change has led to new employment opportunities but, also has posed challenges to equity and social justice. The role of guidance and career counseling in the promotion of social justice is historically placed. Then, the need for practices allowing the achievement of a balance between the focus on the individual and on the social context started to be highlighted. In this case, the focus is on practices that seek to transform the factors of discrimination and oppression. Finally, we present examples of these practices in which the collaborative action between the target population, their family and different institutions of the community is central.

Publicado em 15.07.2013